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"A fresh look at the Memphis Riverfront", a placemaking exercise, was intended to gain insight to ways, great and small, to make our public spaces along the riverfront more celebrated, more enjoyed and more valued. The ideas came from the people in our community, taking into consideration the entire community as well as our visitors. Please take the opportunity to express your thoughts about our riverfront and our public spaces and share your own insightful answers to the questions below.

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1. What did you like best about the exercise findings?

2. Of the 10 Key Ideas listed in Part 1, page 5,
which 3 ideas do you think are the most important?

3. If you could apply those 3 important ideas to our riverfront,
how would you do it and why?

4. Which of the 7 sites is your favorite;
which would you choose to improve first and why?


5. Share an example of the 10 Key Ideas at work
in one of your favorite public places in Memphis.

6. Share an example where the 10 Key Ideas could be used
to improve your favorite public space.


7. Please share any other thoughts you have about the ideas in the report.

8. Would you be willing to promote the implementation of these suggestions?

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